Adaptive Determination of Needle Sequence HDR Prostate Brachytherapy with Divergent Needle-By-Needle Delivery
AAPM ePoster Library, Maxence Borot de Battisti, 136145
Evaluation of the Microscopic Dose Enhancement in the Nanoparticle-Enhanced Auger Therapy
AAPM ePoster Library, Wonmo Sung, 136167
Computer Aided Diagnosis Employing Automatically Segmented Color-Specific Regions in Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography for the Assessment of Chronic Liver Disease
AAPM ePoster Library, Ilias Gatos, 136203
Evaluation of Changes in Quantitative Ultrasound Parameters During Prostate Radiotherapy
AAPM ePoster Library, Mohammad Najafi, 136396
Probing the Dose Enhancement Due to a Clinically-Relevant Concentration of Gold Nanoparticles and Yb-169 Gamma Rays Using PRESAGE Dosimeters
AAPM ePoster Library, Jongmin Cho, 136397
Factors Predicting a Need for Treatment Replanning with Proton Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
AAPM ePoster Library, Ching-Ling Teng, 136402
Dose Enhancement by Gold Nanoparticles Around the Bragg Peak of Proton Beams
AAPM ePoster Library, Jihun Kwon, 136202
Clinical Implementation of An Online Replanning Process
AAPM ePoster Library, Jing Zhang, 136231
Validation of Image Registration Methods for Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging
AAPM ePoster Library, Christopher MacLellan, 136304
Neurovascular 4D Parametric Imaging Using Co-Registration of Biplane DSA Sequences with 3D Vascular Geometry Obtained From Cone Beam CT
AAPM ePoster Library, Ciprian Ionita, 136241
Automated Dose Accumulation and Dose Accuracy Assessment for Online Or Offline Adaptive Replanning
AAPM ePoster Library, Allen Li, 136315
Simultaneous PET Restoration and PET/CT Co-Segmentation Using a Variational Method
AAPM ePoster Library, Shan Tan, 136264
Gold Nanoparticle-Enhanced Radiation Therapy in In Vitro A549 Lung Carcinoma: Studies in Both Traditional Monolayer and Three Dimensional Cell Culture Models
AAPM ePoster Library, Michael Oumano, 136281
Towards Robust Adaptive Radiation Therapy Strategies
AAPM ePoster Library, Michelle Bock, 136311
Breast and Soft Tissue-Equivalent 3D Printed Phantoms for Imaging and Dosimetry
AAPM ePoster Library, David Hintenlang, 136188
Can Automatic Delineation of Cardiac Substructures On Noncontrast CT Be Used for Cardiac Toxicity Analysis?
AAPM ePoster Library, Jinzhong Yang, 136288
Deriving Delivered Doses to Assess the Viability of 2.5 Mm Margins in Head and Neck SBRT
AAPM ePoster Library, Sara Lin, 136222
Measurement of Stereotactic Output Factors with DNA Double-Strand Breaks
AAPM ePoster Library, Kristen Cline, 136338
Efficient Binary Tree Description of High Resolution Breast Models for in Silico Imaging
AAPM ePoster Library, Andreu Badal, 136353
Development of 3D Printed Coronary Phantoms for In-Vitro CT-FFR Validation Using Data From 320- Detector Row Coronary CT Angiography
AAPM ePoster Library, Ciprian Ionita, 136233
Machine-Learning-Based Delineation Framework of GTV Regions of Solid and Ground Glass Opacity Lung Tumors at Datasets of Planning CT and PET/CT Images
AAPM ePoster Library, Koujiro Ikushima, 136246
FLASH Irradiation Improves the Therapeutic Index Following GI Tract Irradiation
AAPM ePoster Library, Emil Schueler, 136218
Interobserver Variability of CT, PET-CT and MRI Based Primary Tumor Delineation for Lung Cancer
AAPM ePoster Library, Geoffrey Hugo, 136223
A Comparison of Noninvasive Techniques to Assess Radiation-Induced Lung Damage in Mice
AAPM ePoster Library, Ashley Rubinstein, 136214
Inter-Observer Delineation Comparison of Visible Glandular Breast Tissue On Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography (prone and Supine)
AAPM ePoster Library, Elise Pogson, 136261
Quantitative Evaluation of PROPELLER DWI Using QIBA Diffusion Phantom
AAPM ePoster Library, Joshua Yung, 136387
Fast Processed 3D Printing-Aided Urethane Resin (PUR) Bolus in Radiation Therapy
AAPM ePoster Library, Bo Zhao, 136357
Dose Deformation Error Associated with Deformable Image Registration Pathways
AAPM ePoster Library, Murat Surucu, 136405
Combined Organ Dose for Digital Subtraction Angiography and Computed Tomography Using Monte Carlo Simulation
AAPM ePoster Library, Daisuke Sakabe, 136165
Novel 3D Printed Plastic Cutouts Filled with Aluminum Oxide for Same Day Electron Radiotherapy
AAPM ePoster Library, Choonik Lee, 136190
Deformable Image Registration Performances in Pelvis Patients: Impact of CBCT Image Quality
AAPM ePoster Library, Marco Fusella, 136310
Magnetically Focused Proton Irradiation of Small Volume Radiosurgery Targets
AAPM ePoster Library, Grant McAuley, 136175
Comparison of Monte Carlo Simulation and Conversion Factor Based Method On Estimation of Effective Dose in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Interventional Cardiac Procedures
AAPM ePoster Library, Ka Ho Leung, 136204
Results From a Multi Institution Study On Image Quality Impact in Deformable Image Registration
AAPM ePoster Library, Marco Fusella, 136314
Validation of a CT Monte Carlo Software
AAPM ePoster Library, Ralph Schmidt, 136272
Seated Treatment: Setup Uncertainty Comparable to Supine
AAPM ePoster Library, Rachel McCarroll, 136321
Fully Automatic Verification of Automatically Contoured Normal Tissues in the Head and Neck
AAPM ePoster Library, Rachel McCarroll, 136323
Bias and Computational Efficiency of Variance Reduction Methods for the Monte Carlo Simulation of Imaging Detectors
AAPM ePoster Library, Diksha Sharma, 136229
Characterization of a Parameterized Image Similarity Cost Function for Automated Patient and Site Specific DIR Accuracy Optimizations
AAPM ePoster Library, John Neylon, 136336
Variable-Beam Fractionation for SAbR
AAPM ePoster Library, Arezoo Modiri, 136370
Expanding Horizons to 2015 Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo
AAPM ePoster Library, Brandon Walker, 137204
Expanding Horizons to Radiomics 2015
AAPM ePoster Library, Martin Vallières, 137203
Expanding Horizons to Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention
AAPM ePoster Library, Ali Uneri, 137202
Expanding Horizons to 2016 GPU Technology Conference
AAPM ePoster Library, Alejandro Sisniega, 137201
Expanding Horizons to 2016 AACR Meeting- The Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression
AAPM ePoster Library, Matthew Scarpelli, 137200
Expanding Horizons to 2016 SIAM Imaging Science Conference
AAPM ePoster Library, Sureerat Reaungamornrat, 137199
Expanding Horizons to 2016 AACR Meeting- The Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression
AAPM ePoster Library, Christie Lin, 137198
Expanding Horizons to 2016 ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
AAPM ePoster Library, Michael Ketcha, 137196
Expanding Horizons to 2016 Systems Theoretic Accident Model and Processess Conference
AAPM ePoster Library, Taylor Harry, 137194
Expanding Horizons to Radiomics 2015
AAPM ePoster Library, Patrick Grossmann, 137193
Expanding Horizons to 2016 Annual Conference of American Society of Neuroradiology
AAPM ePoster Library, Hao Dang, 137192
Expanding Horizons to 2016 American Control Conference
AAPM ePoster Library, Andrew Belcher, 137191
Limitations of the Dose Weighted LET Concept for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy in the Distal Falloff Region and Beyond
AAPM ePoster Library, Vadim Moskvin, 136227
Evaluation of 4D CT-On-Rails Target Localization Methods for Free Breathing Liver Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
AAPM ePoster Library, Jiajin Fan, 136248
A Novel Model for Evaluating Exercise Induced Skeletal Muscle Metabolism with Phosphorus MRS
AAPM ePoster Library, Erika Ripley, 136393
Evaluation of Reproducibility of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Metrics Using Automatically Generated Regions of Interest
AAPM ePoster Library, Xia Jiang, 136132
Feasibility Study of Real-Time Ultrasound Monitoring for Abdominal Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
AAPM ePoster Library, Lin Su, 136326
Deliverable Robust Optimization in IMPT Using Quadratic Objective Function
AAPM ePoster Library, Jie Shan, 136361
Detection of Unpredictable Patient Movement During SBRT Using a Single KV Projection of An On-Board CBCT System: Simulation Study
AAPM ePoster Library, Yang-Kyun Park, 136313
Calculation of Proton Pencil Beam Properties with Full Beamline Model in TOPAS
AAPM ePoster Library, Joerg Wulff, 136406
A Novel Setup Approach to Improve C-Spine Curvature Reproducibility for Head and Neck Radiotherapy Using Optical Surface Imaging with Two Regions of Interest
AAPM ePoster Library, Guang (George) Li, 136170
Gradient Nonlinearity Calibration and Correction for Full-Volume Imaging of a Compact Asymmetric MRI Gradient System
AAPM ePoster Library, Shengzhen Tao, 136193
Benchmarks of a Proton Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) Model for DNA Double Strand Break (DSB) Induction in the FLUKA, MCNP, TOPAS, and RayStation™ Treatment Planning System
AAPM ePoster Library, Rob Stewart, 136388
Evaluation of Specific Absorption Rate and Temperature Increase Induced by Artificial Medical Implants During MRI Scan
AAPM ePoster Library, Youngseob Seo, 136133
A Statistical Model for Analyzing the Rotational Error of Single Iso-Center Technique
AAPM ePoster Library, Jenghwa Chang, 136221
A Model of Baseline Shift to Improve Robustness of Proton Therapy Treatments of Moving Tumors
AAPM ePoster Library, Kevin Souris, 136369
MRI-Guided Single-Fraction Boost Delivery On Individual Axillary Lymph Nodes
AAPM ePoster Library, Tristan van Heijst, 136208
Feasibility Demonstration of High-Voltage Clinical CT and Impact On X-Ray Penetration Through Metal Objects
AAPM ePoster Library, Yannan Jin, 136293
Optimizing Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastasis Lesions with Individualized Rotational Arc Trajectories
AAPM ePoster Library, Peng Dong, 136302
Comparison Study for CT and MR-Only Prostate IMRT Treatment Planning: A Framework for the Estimation of Relative Contribution of Body Contour Discrepancies, Tissue Stratification and HU-RED Conversion to the Overall Dose Difference
AAPM ePoster Library, Matteo Maspero, 136149
Optimizing for a Specified Target Coverage Probability
AAPM ePoster Library, Albin Fredriksson, 136274
Clinical Commissioning of MR-Only Prostate Treatment Planning Workflow
AAPM ePoster Library, Gregory Bolard, 136287
Validation of An SSDE-To-Organ-Dose Calculation Methodology Developed for Pediatric CT in An Adult Population
AAPM ePoster Library, Hannah Mead, 136299
First Experiences and Perspectives in Using Direct Multicriteria Optimization (MCO) On Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) for Head and Neck Cancer
AAPM ePoster Library, Samantha Edgington, 136163
Effects of Metal On CT Size-Specific Dose Estimates
AAPM ePoster Library, Maram Alsanea, 136365
Characterization of Beam Shaping Filters and Photon Spectra From HVL Profiles in CT
AAPM ePoster Library, Robert Bujila, 136180
4D-MRI with 3D Radial Sampling and Self-Gating-Based K-Space Sorting: Image Quality Improvement by Slab-Selective Excitation
AAPM ePoster Library, Wensha Yang, 136403
A Graph Form ADMM Algorithm for Constrained Quadratic Radiation Treatment Planning
AAPM ePoster Library, Xinmin Liu, 136404
Rapid and Efficient 3D Dosimetry for End-To-End Patient-Specific QA of Rotational SBRT Deliveries Using a High-Resolution EPID
AAPM ePoster Library, Youming Yang, 136219
New Ionization Chamber Dosimetry of Absorbed Dose to Water in Diagnostic KV X-Ray Beams
AAPM ePoster Library, Fujio Araki, 136265
Water Equivalent Path Length Calculations Using Scatter-Corrected Head and Neck CBCT Images to Evaluate Patients for Adaptive Proton Therapy
AAPM ePoster Library, Jihun Kim, 136359
Evaluating DECT Vs SECT Range Differences in Proton Therapy Using Clinical Data
AAPM ePoster Library, Guillaume Landry, 136156
Kerma Area Product Calculation for Non-Uniform X-Ray Fields Using a Skin Dose Tracking System
AAPM ePoster Library, Sarath Vijayan, 136349
Establishment of Provincial Diagnostic Reference Levels in Pediatric Imaging
AAPM ePoster Library, Elena Tonkopi, 136130
Luminescence Imaging of Water During Proton Beam Irradiation for Range Estimation
AAPM ePoster Library, Seiichi Yamamoto, 136131
Pre-Treatment Surface Imaging Based Collision Detection
AAPM ePoster Library, David Wiant, 136213
Facial Recognition and Recall Using Kinect V2 for Patient Verification
AAPM ePoster Library, Evan Silverstein, 136196
Dose Reduction in Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography Using a Photon-Counting Detector
AAPM ePoster Library, Seungwan Lee, 136201
An Efficient Method of 3D Patient Dose Reconstruction Based On EPID Measurements for Pre-Treatment Patient Specific QA
AAPM ePoster Library, Rajasekar David, 136250
Alternative K-Edge Filters for Low-Energy Image Acquisition in Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography
AAPM ePoster Library, Suman Shrestha, 136279
Ultrasound Imaging of Absorbable Inferior Vena Cava Filters for Proper Placement
AAPM ePoster Library, Adam Melancon, 136172
The Roucoulette: A Set of Quality Control Tests for Dynamic Trajectory (4Pi) Treatment Delivery Techniques
AAPM ePoster Library, Tony Teke, 136398
Prostate Brachytherapy Activity Measurement and Source Localization by Using a Dual Photon Emission Computed Tomography System: A Feasibility Study
AAPM ePoster Library, Chang-Shiun Lin, 136184
Assessment of Inter- and Intra-Fractional Motion for Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patients by Using In-House Real-Time Optical Image-Based Monitoring System
AAPM ePoster Library, Hwiyoung Kim, 136239
Quality Control of Treatment Planning Using Knowledge-Based Planning Across a System of Radiation Oncology Practices
AAPM ePoster Library, Kathryn Masi, 136324
PET Image Noise Variability and Its Consequences for Quantifying Tumor Hypoxia
AAPM ePoster Library, Harald Keller, 136262
Continuous Intra-Fractional Monitoring of the Prostate Using Dynamic KV Collimation and Tube Current Modulation
AAPM ePoster Library, David Parsons, 136285
Interfraction Treatment Monitoring Using Integrated Invivo EPID Images
AAPM ePoster Library, Dewayne Defoor, 136348
Individual Beam QA for a Robotic Radiosurgery System Using a Scintillator Cone
AAPM ePoster Library, Christopher McGuinness, 136259
Performance of In-111 Coincident Gamma-Ray Counting: A Monte Carlo Simulation
AAPM ePoster Library, Raymond Pahlka, 136337

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